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Why design soil pH meter when soil pH detection method is available?

» News » Why design soil pH meter when soil pH detection method is available?

Why design soil pH meter when soil pH detection method is available?


Soil pH meter is a kind of instrument which is used to detect soil pH. The instrument is compact and portable. It can detect pH in situ directly on site, and can quickly read and record the measurement results. Therefore, the soil pH meter is widely used in agricultural research, soil research management and so on.

Soil pH value is affected by many factors. In the long-term process, the soil is affected by climate, topography, parent material, vegetation and other factors. For example, high temperature and rainy places, strong weathering and leaching, easy leaching -soil acidification, need to use professional soil PH meter. Soil pH meter can accurately determine pH value, and then take effective measures to adjust.

For plants to grow better, many growers will use a lot of scientific instruments in the process of planting soil comprehensive detection, to ensure that the planting land is suitable for the growth of plants. Among them, soil pH detection is also a test item, its role is very big, and because of the manual detection method not only needs a lot of time, but also has great error,people often use soil pH meter to detect.

Soil pH meter is a special instrument used to measure soil pH value. It is also called portable soil pH meter because of its simple operation and convenient carrying. TOP Cloud-agri soil pH meter can read out the pH value of the measured soil in 30-60 seconds, with high measurement accuracy. Soil in situ acidity meter is a kind of in-situ stainless steel probe, which can be directly inserted into soil test and read directly. It is very convenient, compact and beautiful, and easy to carry. It also has GPS positioning function, which plays a very important role in guiding agricultural research and agricultural production. Soil pH meter developed and produced by TOP Cloud-agri. It is suitable for scientific research, teaching, agriculture, horticulture, biology, lawn, and other suitable scientific research.

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