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Crop Growth and Climatic Environment: Plant Growth Room to Explore and Decrypt

» News » Crop Growth and Climatic Environment: Plant Growth Room to Explore and Decrypt

Crop Growth and Climatic Environment: Plant Growth Room to Explore and Decrypt


There are many kinds of crops, and different crops are affected by the climate environment differently. In modern high-yield cultivation, all factors that can affect the growth of crops need to be rationally allocated. Therefore, in the early stage, the plant growth room needs to be used to create an artificial environment and develop related The environment and plant growth research provides scientific data for production guidance.

The climate and environmental factors that have a direct effect on plant growth mainly include temperature, humidity, and light intensity. These factors often have a comprehensive effect on plant growth. Therefore, to decipher the relationship between different environmental factors and crop growth, it is necessary to be able to control them reasonably and accurately. These environmental parameters, and the plant growth room has a variety of functions such as program control, light control, temperature control and sterilization. It can artificially simulate the natural environment of plant growth. It is an important infrastructure for agricultural and biological science research and simulates changes in the natural environment. Large-scale test equipment. In the plant growth room, people can flexibly regulate and control various environmental conditions in the room through the control system to create the necessary scientific research conditions for research work, greatly improve the efficiency and level of related scientific research, and improve the transformation of scientific research.

Plant growth chambers play an important role in exploring life science research, especially the relationship between environment and plant growth. Through the promotion and application of plant growth rooms, major scientific research units or colleges and universities can quickly build a stable artificial climate environment control platform to artificially create a variety of specific climate environments in order to better develop different crops, Research work on development, physiology, and biochemistry provides scientific support for the modernization of modern agriculture. In addition, with the scientific and technological development of the planting industry, the plant growth room has also created conditions for the industrialization of agricultural planting to a certain extent. At present, the plant growth room is widely used in scientific research, modern agriculture, forestry, metallurgy and chemical industry, medicine, biological genetic engineering and environmental science.

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