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The Role of RFID Technology in Agricultural IoT System

» News » The Role of RFID Technology in Agricultural IoT System

The Role of RFID Technology in Agricultural IoT System


With the continuous development of agricultural technology, agricultural greenhouse cultivation can be combined with advanced network communication, automatic control and software technology. Real-time remote acquisition of air temperature and humidity, soil moisture temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, light intensity and video images inside the greenhouse. Through model analysis, it can automatically control the greenhouse wet curtain fan, spray drip irrigation, internal and external shading, top window side window, plus At the same time, the system can also push real-time monitoring information and alarm information to managers through information terminals such as mobile phones, PDAs, and computers, so as to realize the informationization and intelligent remote management of greenhouses.

The traceability module of agricultural products in the integrated service platform of the Agricultural Internet of Things is a statistical portal for end users to query the entire traceability information of agricultural products through the platform. Users can view the detailed information of each important link of agricultural products from growth to sales by entering a barcode or a unique security code for agricultural products , For example, the operator XX, fertilize on a certain day, the fertilizer is xx, the supplier is x, and the main ingredients include xx and other information;

The use of advanced RFID wireless radio frequency technology to achieve the safety and quality traceability system of agricultural products can trace the detailed information of all links of agricultural products in the whole process. Consumers can directly view the information of agricultural products using mobile phone terminals, and ensure that after a group food safety accident, agricultural products and other raw materials The whole process can be traced back to fundamentally solve and prevent food safety accidents.

Top is devoted to the development of China’s agricultural informatization. After years of independent development, the sensor has been upgraded from the wired sensor of version 1.0 to the wireless sensor of version 2.0. It currently has a wireless air temperature and humidity dew point sensor, a wireless carbon dioxide sensor, and a wireless light intensity sensor. , Wireless photosynthetic effective radiation sensor, wireless light quantum sensor, wireless soil moisture sensor, wireless soil temperature sensor, wireless soil salinity sensor and more than ten kinds of sensors, and fully support the Topp agricultural Internet of things field planting monitoring system, greenhouse planting monitoring system, Data collection of soil moisture monitoring system, plant protection information system and agricultural product quality traceability system.

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