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New Irend of Industrial Digitalization from Pujiang Grape

» News » New Irend of Industrial Digitalization from Pujiang Grape

New Irend of Industrial Digitalization from Pujiang Grape


The 5-day 2020 Zhejiang Agricultural Expo is in full swing. There are many highlights at the exhibition. In the Digital Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers exhibition area, a special booth is very eye-catching! It is the “Super Farm” of Pujiang Grape.

The popularity of the Super Farm booth is inseparable from the attention and guidance of relevant leaders of Pujiang County. During the exhibition, digital interactive presentations, digital management methods, digital production methods… attracted many audiences to stop and watch. During the exhibition, there were many provincial leaders who paid attention to the agricultural development of our province.

It is understood that Pujiang has 500 years of grape planting history, with Kyoho and Sunshine Rose as the core varieties, and is the largest agricultural industry in Pujiang. At present, the grape planting area is 70,000 mu, the annual output is 127,000 tons, the annual output value is 1.14 billion yuan, the main planting households are more than 12,000, and the grape planting facilities have achieved 100% coverage.

The super farm exhibited at this agricultural expo is a high level embodiment of the establishment of grape planting. The super farm is built by Top Cloud-agri. With artificial intelligence technology such as image recognition as the core, it realizes the integrated digital management mode of production, processing, warehousing, and sales, and explores the creation of intelligent production, intelligent pruning/picking, intelligent sorting, and intelligent cold storage. Such smart scenarios provide digital and intelligent support for the entire industrial chain of grapes from growth to sales, and improve production management efficiency.

For example, based on the IoT facilities and intelligent detection equipment, it can monitor the soil temperature and humidity, light intensity, air temperature and humidity and other plant growth factors in the vineyard in real time, and transmit the data to the cloud, through the AI algorithm intelligent auxiliary decision-making system——” The intelligent management of “Agricultural AI Experts” realizes intelligent control of ventilation, heat preservation, light supplementation, disinfection and sterilization, irrigation and fertilization, and has saved more than 90% of comprehensive labor.

The grapes on the super farm not only be well grown, but also sold well! Pujiang is actively promoting the reform of the agricultural supply side of the grape industry, optimizing the production quality, cold chain preservation, and digital marketing to increase grape sales. The grapes grown on the super farm will be graded according to the standards, and a QR code containing production information will be affixed. Consumers can scan the code to view the production traceability information, thereby enhancing product recognition and sales conversion; grapes sold far away It will enter the smart cold storage for cooling treatment firstly, so as to ensure that the grapes can still maintain fresh quality after long-distance transportation; Pujiang also actively promotes new sales methods such as online live broadcast and offline grape festivals to promote the conversion of grape production and sales, thereby providing the main tangible benefits for planting!

The appearance of the Pujiang Super Farm at the Agricultural Expo just reflects the trend of Zhejiang’s digital agriculture and rural areas from frame construction and infrastructure construction to digital application construction in subdivision industries. This model is not only applicable to the grape industry, but also applicable to Zhejiang and even the whole country. The agricultural product industry with a relatively mature industrial chain within the scope is a model innovation of the integration of production, supply and marketing in the grape industry, and it is also a landing application for deepening the reform of the agricultural supply side.

As the supporting builder of the super farm, Top Cloud-agri will work with related industry chain partners to jointly create more innovative application models, promote more digital technologies and smart products to blossom in different industrial systems, and promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry. The industry is prosperous, which benefits the vast number of farmers friends, so that more people are willing to devote themselves to agriculture, start a business and thrive!

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