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Many countries in the world are facing a food crisis, what do we need to do?

» News » Many countries in the world are facing a food crisis, what do we need to do?

Many countries in the world are facing a food crisis, what do we need to do?


The food issue has always been a major problem that plagues the world. Since the spread of the COVID-19 in 2020, the international food market has experienced large fluctuations, coupled with the influence of locust plagues, extreme weather and other factors, making global food security and shortage problems more severe. Recently, a United Nations research report issued a warning that a total of 25 countries are facing severe hunger risks this year, and the world is on the verge of the worst food crisis in at least 50 years.

The “global food shortage” ushered in the darkest moment, what is the status quo of countries in the world?

On July 13, the “State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2020” issued by the five major United Nations agencies showed that 130 million hungry people will be added this year, and 690 million people worldwide are hungry.

Affected by the locust plague, India, Pakistan and other countries have severely damaged food production. Indian scholars predict that the locust plague may reduce India’s food production by 30% to 50%, which will have a greater impact on the country’s food supply and exports. In addition, East Africa has experienced the worst locust plague in decades, and food storage in many countries and regions is already stretched.

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Solar Lamp for Killing Pest

The frequency pest killing lamp is a physical control method that uses the phototaxis of pests to induce and kill. Using the characteristics of strong phototaxis, wave, color, and tropism of pests, the wavelength, band, and wave frequency of light are set within a specific range, the light is used at close distances and waves are used at a long distance. The sexual information generated by the pest itself induces the adult to ignite the lamp, and the light is connected with the frequency-vibration high-voltage power grid to make the pest fall into the insect bag under the lamp to achieve the purpose of killing the pest. This machine is widely used in agriculture, forestry, vegetables, warehousing, tea, tobacco, gardens, greenhouses, vineyards, aquaculture and so on.

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