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Why is leaf area meter more and more popular in plant research?

» News » Why is leaf area meter more and more popular in plant research?

Why is leaf area meter more and more popular in plant research?


We know that plant leaf area has a greater impact on photosynthesis and transpiration crops, so in many plant research and crop management work, plant leaf area needs to be tested and analyzed. The leaf area measuring instrument is one of the instruments designed and developed by TOP Cloud-agri for plant phenotype and plant physiology.

A commonly used indicator in plant research today is the leaf area. To a certain extent, the size of photosynthetically active radiation depends on the size of the leaf area. At the same time, the leaf area is also an important physiology that affects plant growth, fruit development and quality. And morphological indicators. Therefore, the research on the biological characteristics of plants and the research on the guidance of production become very important.

There are many methods for measuring leaf area so far. At present, instrument measurement and manual measurement are mainly used. Due to the different experimental accuracy and different purposes required by different studies, the methods for measuring the leaf area are also different. The main methods are the leaf area meter method, digital image processing method, integrator method, graph paper method, and coefficient method (parameter method). , Regression analysis, parabolic method, weighing method and graph decomposition method, etc., according to the characteristics of these methods have been applied in different studies. The simpler and more convenient measurement method is to use a leaf area measuring instrument to measure.

The leaf area measuring instrument mainly uses the photoelectric scanning principle to illuminate the light signal emitted by the light source on the blade to be measured, and then judge the blade to reflect or transmit the light energy to the photosensitive sensor, and finally compare the light signal of the light source through the blade under test The amount of attenuation determines the size of the blade.

In terms of operation, the leaf area measuring instrument is more convenient, with more abundant measurement parameters and more flexible functions. It can be used to quickly measure the leaves of most common plants in vitro and non-in vitro. The special structural design is more suitable for measuring long and narrow leaves. Not only can the blade area, aspect ratio, length, width and other parameters be obtained, but also the two parameters of blade circumference ratio and shape factor have been added. The leaf area meter product structure is highly integrated, more portable, with higher speed and measurement imprisonment, easy to use and maintain.

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