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Small size Rice Husker Tester

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Small size Rice Husker Tester

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Hulling machine

Model: TP-JLG-2018

Brief Description 

The hulling machine can remove the rice shell, reduce the problem of rice grain bursting and skin damage, and try to keep the brown rice intact. This is a special equipment for testing the roughness of rice, and it is also a rice shelling equipment.


1. In high quality,with simple and stable operation.

2. Can be automatically fed continuously, shelling, separation effect is good.

3. Rice without damage after shelling, low broken rice rate..

4. Durable and long service life.

Technical Parameters

1. Hulling rate: 97%

2. Rice sample shelling time:about 40s/50g

3. Broken rice rate:<3%

4. Rubber roller speed:2800r/min

5. Rubber roller adjustable spacing:0~3mm

6. Brown rice collection box capacity:120g

7. Crust collection box capacity:60g

8. Motor power: 120W (DC 220V)(Can work with 12V DC power supply)

9. Working voltage: 220V

10. Dimensions: 320mmx280mmX165mm

11. Machine weight: 7.5kg

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