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Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Protein Analyzer

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Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Protein Analyzer

AgroProduce Quality Analysis

Fully Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Protein Analyzer

Kjeldahl Digestion And Distillation Unit

Model: ZDDN-II

  • Specifications

Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Protein Analyzer


  1. Adopt microcomputer controlling process; include manual mode and automatic mode. Can be set and switched according to user’s need.
  2. Large array LCD display, touch key, easy to operate.
  3. Automatically control distill, add water, control water level are cut off water supply.
  4. Various security protections: digestive system security device, steam generator water shortage alarm, water level detection fault alarm.
  5. Stored operation procedure quantity: 250
  6. Instrument shell adopts specially made plastic spray steel. Working area adopts ABS anticorrosive board, Avoid chemical reagent corrosion and mechanical surface damage, acid proof and alkali proof.
  7. Once detected fault, controlling system will power off automatically.


Main technical parameters

  1. Measure variety: foodstuff,feedstuff, foods, dairy products, drink,soil, water, medicine,precipitate and chemical.
  2. Working mode: Automatic and manual (without titration)
  3. Storing data: 250 datum
  4. Measure range: 0.1mgN-200mgN (nitrogen content 0.1%-99%)
  5. Recovery rate: ≥99% (relative error, include digestion process)
  6. Repetition rate: relative standard deviation<±1%
  7. Working hours: distillation time: 5-15 minutes, the user can set automatically according todifferent samples.
  8. Voltage: AC 220V, 50Hz
  9. Cooling water consumption: distillation fraction 3L /min (water temperature is less than 20 degrees)
  10. Distillation fraction power supply: 1000W

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