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Crop Angle and Stem Diameter Meter

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Crop Angle and Stem Diameter Meter

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Crop Angle and Stem diameter Meter is based on machine vision technology, and uses image processing algorithms to analyze on-site crop angles and stem diameter parameters. AI intelligent recognition can automatically calculate the crop angle and stem diameter data by using perspective change correction image, illumination compensation algorithm, distance change and other technologies.


1. Ultra-light design, convenient for indoor and outdoor measurement;

2. Large-screen with color touch screen, Android system, 64 million pixels;

3. The measurement speed is fast, and the result will be output within 3 seconds after taking a picture, which can be batch processed after taking pictures;

4. Powerful manual correction function, manually touch the screen to make the results more accurate;

5. Set a fixed distance between the mobile phone and the crop, with no difference in repeated shooting angles;

6. The pressure plate and the shaft handle are integrally connected, which is convenient to fix the crop stems and reduce the impact of wind and grass on the crop angle shooting;

7. Wide environmental adaptability, no shading treatment is required, and the crop angle and stem diametercan be measured in vitro or in vivo;

8. Automatically adjust the white balance, not affected by environmental conditions such as weather and light;

9. Diversified data viewing: After taking photos and analyzing, you can slide to view the results, and you can also view the data report in the history record, which can be exported to EXECL format;

10. Automatically generate data list: measurement time, picture, crop angle, crop stem diameter, etc., save data sorting time;

11.The crop angle is suitable for crops: rice, wheat, rape; crop stem diameter is suitable for measuring the stem diameter of various crops

Technical parameter

1.Dimensions: 307mm*140mm*80mm;

2. Bottom plate material: black double-sided fine frosted acrylic;

3. Background material: white matte PVC waterproof paper;

4. Measuring range: crop angle: 0-180°; crop stem diameter: 0-5.2cm;

5. Measurement error: crop angle: ±5%; crop stem diameter: ±1%;

6. Image resolution: 2400×1080;

7. Battery: 4500mAh battery life is more than 8h

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