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Fruit diameter measuring instrument

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Fruit diameter measuring instrument

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Product Features

1. Small size, handheld temperature measurement, simple operation and convenient reading.

2. The small radius gauge is designed with multiple sets of measuring jaws, and measuring jaws with different spans are selected for different arc-shaped surface radii and measurement accuracy.

3. With multiple uses, high-precision digital display dial indicator.

4. Multi-faceted measurement: outer circle, inner circle arc surface radius measurement, depth measurement, etc.

5. Three mode switching of inner diameter/outer diameter/high precision percentage.

6. Small radius 10/20/30/60/100 five sets of measuring jaw specification conversion.

7. With data retention, data output excuses, metric and inch conversion, clearing and automatic/manual shutdown functions 8. The maximum measuring speed is greater than 1.5m/s.

Technical Parameters

Measuring range0-12.7mm
Resolution (mm/in)0.005/0.0005″
Radius accuracy<1%
Display rangelength displacement 0-13mm
Radius range5-9999.9mm
Displacement measurement error∆S≤0.02mm
Radius measurement error∆R≤0.01*R/S
Power supply3V lithium battery (CR2032)
Working temperature0±40°C
Temperature influencerelative humidity ≤80% will not be affected
Standard configuration5 measuring claws, 2 batteries, instruction manual, plastic box

Note: R is the radius to be measured, S is the corresponding displacement value Optional accessories: USB data cable, RS232 data cable, ear cover, various brush heads, external display

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