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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help the Digital Transformation of Agriculture?

» News » How Artificial Intelligence Can Help the Digital Transformation of Agriculture?

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help the Digital Transformation of Agriculture?


As the last national comprehensive agricultural exhibition this year, more than 12,000 companies participated in the fair with more than 80,000 exhibits, attracting more than 40,000 professional buyers from all over the world. As a leading domestic comprehensive service provider for digital agriculture, TOP Cloud-agri brings the latest products and solutions such as agricultural brain, artificial intelligence digital applications, digital farms, and digital fields to the China Comprehensive Agricultural Exhibition.

Image Recognition Changes Insect Forecasting

Pests and diseases are one of the important threats to stable grain production. In recent years, affected by various factors, food security issues have become increasingly severe. To achieve stable production, we must strictly prevent the occurrence of major pests and diseases. How to detect and control insects early? At present, the national pest and disease forecasting work is mainly based on manual forecasting: our plant protection experts have to go to the fields to take samples and record, and then estimate the number of pests and diseases in the field. Traveling to and from different fields every day is really a lot of work for grassroots plant protection experts. In addition, with the decreasing number of grassroots personnel, such a large amount of work will become increasingly difficult to support.

TOP Cloud-agri is using the concept of “machine substitution” to solve this problem. The disease and insect pest monitoring and early warning system displayed at the exhibition is composed of intelligent insect forecasting lights, intelligent spore capture systems, weather monitoring systems and other intelligent equipment, which can replace plant protection experts in the field 24 hours a day, using image recognition, IoT and other technologies to realize pest identification and technology, and real-time monitoring of meteorological and soil data. It not only solves the problem of “no one goes to the fields”, but also enriches the breadth and coverage of the forecast data. Using these forecasting data, the plant protection department can view the occurrence of insects in its jurisdiction in real time, query past occurrence trends, and even predict future occurrence trends.

Image Recognition Changes Breeding Measurement

Seed industry is the foundation of national food security and high quality agricultural development. The selection and breeding of high quality seeds has consumed countless efforts and time and energy of breeders. In the breeding work, whether in the laboratory or in the experimental field, a large number of measurements and calculations are inseparable. The traditional measurement method is that the breeder uses a ruler to measure by hand. There are many problems in efficiency and data accuracy. In order to solve this problem and provide breeding experts with useful and practical breeding tools, TOP Cloud-agri has developed a seed industry intelligent APP using image recognition technology. The APP automatically recognizes and extracts relevant data by photographing the shape of seeds or plants. .

At the exhibition site, many guests have experienced our seed counting function. They only need to take a photo of the seeds on the backlight board, and get the number of seeds in a few seconds, and no longer have to take a seed. In addition, APP’s data archiving is also very friendly. It can be directly saved in the cloud without using a pen to record, which is convenient for quickly exporting data tables.

In response to the difficulty of identifying insects for small farmers in China, TOP Cloud-agri has developed an intelligent insect identification APP, which also uses image recognition technology. Farmers only need to take a photo of the insect body to get it quickly. Corresponding pest information and control guidelines, to achieve precise control and scientific pest control.

Cloud Computing Taps Data Potential, AI Assists Intelligent Decision-making

The collaborative application of agricultural big data is the trend of agricultural development in the future . The application prospect of big data is broad , and TOP Cloud-agri  is also actively exploring . At this session of the agricultural conference , we show the concept of “ agricultural brain ” . The working idea of the brain is to obtain information through perception , then process the information , and make decisions according to the needs of the scene , and finally reach instructions by different body organs . The same is true of the agricultural brain . Based on the collection and processing of agricultural big data , using the intelligent algorithm model , it can provide services for different industrial needs .

For example , using plant growth data , agricultural brain can intelligently regulate the IoT facilities to achieve precise regulation of greenhouse environment ; The agricultural brain can intelligently predict the future trend of insect pest by using insect pest prediction and meteorological data . Using market price data , the agricultural brain can provide decision-making suggestions for market supervision , planting planning , industrial layout and so on .

The ‘Agricultural Brain’ is widely used in future agricultural scenarios where it acts as an expert . It is like the brain , can assist production managers , government managers and other different ‘organs’ for intelligent management , so as to promote different ‘physiological system’ to play a greater synergy , promote the overall efficiency of agriculture and scientific development . At the scene of the exhibition , we also exchanged in-depth with the guests present about the new form of agriculture in the future .

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