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Wang Hong, deputy mayor of Hangzhou, visited Top Cloud-agri

» News » Wang Hong, deputy mayor of Hangzhou, visited Top Cloud-agri

Wang Hong, deputy mayor of Hangzhou, visited Top Cloud-agri


“Holding the changes and welcoming the arrival of the digital age.” The digital economy that drives the development of change is becoming a “new business card” for Hangzhou to accelerate its global reach.Recently, around the theme of “Development of Digital Economy Industry”, Wang Hong, Vice Mayor of Hangzhou, Lou Huoming, Deputy Director of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau, Yang Zhao, Director of the Counterpart Support and Regional Cooperation Bureau, and Director Ye Ziqing, Director of the Bureau of Commerce, launched a special visit.

On June 18, Vice Mayor Wang and his entourage visited Top Yunong, and Yu Rongsheng, deputy head of Gongshu District, and Pei  Yihong, deputy director of the Development and Reform Commission, accompanied the investigation. Top Yunnong Chairman Chen Yuyang, Deputy General Manager Qian Peng, and Deputy General Manager Wu Jiaman accompanied the reception.

In the exhibition hall, Chairman Chen reported to the research team the development history of Top Cloud-agri, the results of digital agricultural construction and the future planning. He was repeatedly praised and recognized by Vice Mayor Wang.

Chairman Chen introduced that Top Cloud-agri  has been committed to promoting the development of information technology in China’s agriculture since its establishment. With the core of Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the company has refined the agricultural industry data services. After more than ten years of exploration and development, the company has formed the value of “data collection-data analysis-data application”. Chain agricultural big data service system. At the exhibition hall, Chairman Chen explained to the Vice Mayor Wang how the Top Technology can promote the digital transformation of agriculture and help the digital application of the agricultural industry.

Zhejiang Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform is a provincial agricultural big data management platform developed by Top Cloud-agri  as a strategic partner of Zhejiang Agricultural and Rural Affairs Department. The platform brings together agricultural-related data from various administrative regions in the province, covering dozens of topics such as agricultural production guidance, agricultural product safety traceability, agricultural administration services (up to one run), rural governance, and agricultural two-region construction. The data is screened and screened. And visual processing, can provide important data support for the corresponding department work.

During the observation process, Vice Mayor Wang expressed strong concern about the application of digital agricultural technology in Hangzhou. He said that how to make the application of digital technology benefit the development of the industry and drive the digital economy of Hangzhou is a topic that Hangzhou Municipal Government is constantly thinking about. .

In response to the concern of Vice Mayor Wang, Deputy General Manager of Top Cloud-agri, Wu Jiaman introduced the big data platform for animal and product circulation in Hangzhou and the big data analysis platform for Jiande strawberry specialty industry. The two applications were applied at the regulatory and industrial levels respectively. They have played a major role in improving the overall efficiency of the industry.

Based on cloud computing, big data, Internet, Internet of Things, data model and other technical means, the former extracts business data of core modules such as online filing, filing approval, unrecorded processing, destination verification, regulatory inspection, and distribution management to achieve farming. Online supervision services such as epidemic prevention, quarantine, slaughtering, circulation, distribution, animal product safety, and major disease early warning, realize the integration of animal husbandry resources, form an information sharing mechanism, and achieve centralized data management. It is conducive to comprehensively improving the management of the animal husbandry and veterinary system at all levels, supervising law enforcement and the informationization level of service entities, and perfecting the relevant mechanisms for food safety and security in advance for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Based on big data and Internet of Things technology, the latter realized precise water and fertilizer irrigation for strawberries, promoted the double improvement of Jiande strawberry quality and yield, and used the big data information to guide the sales of strawberries, and built Jiande Town for Jiande Town. Strawberry, the high-quality agricultural product IP, provides important technical support for building a small town.

Later, the group went to the Top Cloud-agri  meeting room for an in-depth discussion.

At the meeting, Vice Mayor Wang pointed out that “the digital economy is the future development direction, and industrial revitalization is the key.” Hangzhou has excellent digital genes, and the construction of digital agriculture is quite bright. It is often investigated as an object of study in other provinces, but There are still some shortcomings in the revitalization of the agricultural industry.

In response to the problems pointed out by Vice Mayor Wang, Chairman Chen said that Top Cloud-agri, as a smart agricultural service enterprise born in Hangzhou and longer than Hangzhou, should take responsibility and contribute to the development of digital economy in Hangzhou. The Hangzhou Municipal Government has a macro-level planning and resource matching around the digital economy. Top has a wealth of experience and industry understanding in the construction of digital agriculture. As long as the two sides make up their determination to strengthen communication and docking, the corresponding system is only time. problem.

In the follow-up exchanges, Vice Mayor Wang put forward three suggestions. He hoped that Top Cloud-agri could strengthen communication and cooperation with the municipal government and relevant departments as an “expert” in the industry, break through the key points, promote the construction of relevant demonstration sites, and promote Hangzhou figures. The construction of an agricultural and rural system.

The first is to improve the quality and efficiency of the tea industry in Hangzhou. “Longjing Tea” is a special agricultural product in Hangzhou. Vice Mayor Wang hopes to greatly enhance the efficiency of the tea industry in production, management and sales through the introduction of Top Technology and through the Internet of Things and blockchain technologies. Revitalize and push the “Longjing” city card of Hangzhou to a wider world.

The second is to implement the digital rural governance work. Vice Mayor Wang pointed out that Hangzhou has achieved remarkable results in the renovation of human settlements, but there are still some shortcomings in rural governance. He hopes that Top can strengthen the integration of information technology around rural governance issues and promote pilot projects in key areas to create The “Beautiful Village” model has further promoted the city’s rural governance work.

The third is to explore the pilot poverty alleviation work in the poverty alleviation counties. Top  has excellent data service technology. Vice Mayor Wang said that he hopes that Top will develop an effective strategic plan for precision poverty alleviation based on the exploration of digital agriculture and the data base, and conduct pilot projects in poverty alleviation counties and cities in Hangzhou. Provide new ideas and new models for the counterpart poverty alleviation work in Hangzhou.

Chairman Chen expressed great determination to the deputy mayor of Wang. He said that we have the ability to take the responsibility to promote the implementation and long-term implementation of related work, and follow up with the relevant departments to conduct in-depth exchanges and docking for Hangzhou. Digital agriculture and rural construction and dedication!

After nearly one hour of full communication and communication, in the end, Vice Mayor Wang sent a message to Top Yunun to be pioneering, daring to act, be good at doing, and continue to innovate, giving priority to the technology and services at the forefront of the first test in Hangzhou, forging quality projects. To promote the outstanding achievements of digital agriculture to the whole country, and hope that Top Yunnong can be a “new recruit” of Hangzhou’s digital economy agricultural mouth, and can contribute to the strategic goal of Hangzhou to capture the “National Digital Economy First City” power.

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