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Strategic Layout of Smart Agriculture in China

» News » Strategic Layout of Smart Agriculture in China

Strategic Layout of Smart Agriculture in China


1. Build a man-machine coordinated sky-ground integrated data information collection system. Deploy agricultural Internet of Things, agricultural vehicle vehicle monitoring application terminals in the main links of the entire agricultural industry chain, combined with agricultural remote sensing, agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles and traditional manual collection systems, to achieve dynamic monitoring of the entire field, full process and full coverage of agricultural production.

2. Building a national agricultural and rural big data center and application system. Top-level design, unified standards, distributed storage, centralized management and control, build a unified and open national agricultural and rural big data center; build a global, regional, and professional (priority planting, breeding, agricultural machinery, seed industry, cultivated land, science and education, typical Agricultural products) big data; building a “one picture” based on big data (agricultural production factors, environmental factors, industrial layout, etc.); carrying out innovative applications based on agricultural big data, integrating agricultural production, production, decision-making, Management and service capabilities.

3. Increase the application of agricultural intelligent equipment. For the labor-intensive links in the agricultural industry chain, accelerate the development of smart equipment such as precision sowing, precision fertilization / medicine, and precision harvesting of field crops, intelligent agricultural equipment and facilities for facility agricultural seedling transplanting, water and fertilizer integration, green prevention and control, and intelligent control. Intelligent equipment for environmental control, precise feeding, epidemic prevention and control in breeding, and intelligent equipment for agricultural products processing and cold logistics.

4. Implementing a number of major projects in smart agriculture. Focusing on three types of agriculture: efficiency, benefit, and effect, implement smart agricultural projects in the superior production areas of agricultural products, and integrate the Internet, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G, and advanced and applicable intelligent agricultural equipment. , Used in agricultural production, processing, logistics, sales and other links to promote the integrated development of the three agricultural industries and increase farmers’ income

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