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Horizontal Square Pulse Vacuum Pressure Steam Sterilizer

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Horizontal Square Pulse Vacuum Pressure Steam Sterilizer

General Lab Equipment

Model: YX0.6WM

  • Specifications

Performance characteristics

• Full-color large-screen LCD screen display and screen touch operation;
•Preset four fixed procedures (package, solution, instrument, test) and leave two custom spaces for users to personalize the working procedures;
•Adopt the control system of microcomputer modular design, dual PID temperature control of water tank and sterilization room;
• Configure the micro printer to print the key parameters of the sterilization process;
•Dual pressure and dual temperature digital dynamic display and pressure gauge display;
•The screen adopts the method of man-machine dialogue and prompts, which effectively avoids the occurrence of wrong operations;
•The door is opened and locked by electric method, which is flexible and reliable in control;
•The sterilizer is designed with its own steam generator and jacket structure;
•Sterilization chamber and jacket are respectively equipped with overpressure protection devices;
•The jacket and the sterilization chamber have over-temperature alarm control respectively, and the sterilization process will be stopped after the alarm;
• Sterilization conditions (jacket preheating temperature, door lock, and sealing, etc.) do not meet, and you cannot enter the sterilization program;
•The sterilizer is equipped with a safe exit program, and the sterilization program is interrupted for some reason. After confirming the exit, the system automatically ends the sterilization work according to the “safe exit” method;
• Water shortage occurs in the working process of the sterilizer, which can automatically cut off the heating power supply and realize water replenishment, and continue to work after the water replenishment;
• After the sterilization work is over, when the temperature and pressure reach the door opening conditions, the alarm and the screen will prompt at the same time;
•Integrated water ring vacuum pump, low noise, and vacuum degree can reach below -0.095MPa;
• The highest sterilization temperature can reach 135°C.

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