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Vertical oscillation liquid-liquid extractor

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Vertical oscillation liquid-liquid extractor

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Model:DH Seires

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Liquid-liquid extraction is a method of transferring solute substances from one solvent to another by using the difference in solubility or distribution coefficient of substances in two immiscible (or slightly soluble) solvents. Traditional manual extraction is labor-intensive, inefficient, and has the risk of inhaling toxic gases.

DH3160 vertical oscillating liquid-liquid extractor absorbs the advantages of the same type of products and adopts the vertical oscillating extraction method; it can process different types of containers such as 125ml-2000ml separatory funnels, colorimetric tubes, conical flasks, and volumetric flasks in the same batch; The process is automatically degassed, the gas source is collected centrally and processed uniformly through the protection core, one-key start, intelligent program setting, leakage protection, etc., to realize the automation of the entire extraction experiment. While improving the extraction efficiency, the contact between humans and toxic gases is effectively avoided. Mainly used in food, environment, sanitation, pharmaceutical, industrial and other laboratory water quality analysis where liquid-liquid extraction is required, such as: organic solvent extraction, soil component extraction, pesticide residues, water pollutants, etc.

Technical Parameters

1. Control mode: 7-inch large screen LCD touch screen control system
2. Extraction method: vertical oscillation
3. Extraction venting: automatically identify the air pressure venting in the container (separation funnel)
4. Bleeding procedure: program setting of bleeding interval and single bleeding time; When deflating, the instrument will stop vibrating automatically, and the instrument will start automatically after deflating
5. Bleeding times: the screen displays the bleeding times in real time
6. Extraction strength: 0 ~ 2000r / min
7. Time accuracy: the extraction time is accurate to s and the deflation time is accurate to Ms
8. Extraction procedure: the extraction mode requires diversified control, and the extraction time, extraction frequency, exhaust interval, exhaust time and timing extraction can be programmed
9. Timing method: computer countdown is adopted, which is more intuitive and convenient
10. Program scheme: at least 8 kinds of extraction oscillation schemes can be stored (the program can be changed by itself)
11. Extraction quantity: no less than 6 samples in batch
12. Batch processing: the containers that can be batch processed include 125ml ~ 2000ml separating funnel, etc
13. Waste gas treatment: collected uniformly and discharged after absorption by activated carbon.


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