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A good way to improve the soil in the orchard-deep ripening, do you really understand?

» News » A good way to improve the soil in the orchard-deep ripening, do you really understand?

A good way to improve the soil in the orchard-deep ripening, do you really understand?


The soil is the basis for the survival of fruit trees. The fruit trees themselves rely on the root system to absorb nutrients from the soil for growth and fruiting needs. If the soil is deep, the soil is loose, and the aeration is good, the beneficial microorganisms in the soil will be more active, which can effectively improve the soil fertility, facilitate the growth and absorption of the root system, and have important significance for improving the fruit yield and quality. The soil improvement in the orchard now includes measures such as deep ripening, additional application of organic fertilizer and green fertilizer, and sand mixing!

In this article, let’s focus on the deep ripening of the soil.

I. What are the benefits of deep soil ripening?

First, it can improve soil structure and physical and chemical properties, promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, increase porosity to improve water storage and fertilizer retention, enhance breathability, and improve nutrient utilization; second, combined with fertilization can increase soil organic matter, improve soil maturity and Fertility. According to the survey, the soil organic matter content increased by 0.23% after deep turn fertilization, soil nitrogen content, available phosphorus, and available potassium increased significantly, and soil microorganisms increased by 1.29 times; , Significantly increased the density and number of roots (lateral roots increased by more than 2 times, absorption roots increased by 3 to 6 times), thus significantly improving the absorption capacity of the root system. On the other hand, it promotes the growth and development of the aerial parts and enhances photosynthesis. As a result, the trees have high yield, good quality and long life.

II .When is the soil filling deep and mature?

The soil orchard of the apple orchard should be combined with the application of base fertilizer at the same time, and the best effect is in autumn (early autumn). Due to the heavy rainfall in autumn, the situation is good, the soil temperature is suitable, and the time is longer. The apple eugenic zone in Shaanxi, Gansu, Shanxi and other provinces is suitable for the first and middle of October, and not later than the end of October at the latest.

III .What are the methods of deep soil ripening?

(1) During the expansion of the young tree in the tree tray, according to the extension of the root system, the hole will be deepened year by year from the planting hole, until the plant and the row are connected.

(2) Before the planting of the deep ditches in the ditches, the orchards will be excavated and planted in the trenches, and they can continue to be dug along the outer edges of the ditches every year.

(3) The root system of the tree in the full fruiting stage of the interleaved deep-turning has been covered in the whole garden, and the inter-row deep turning can be implemented.

IV .What problems should be paid attention to when the soil ripening?

One is the deep turning depth, which generally requires a width of 40-50 cm and a depth of 50-60 cm. The covered orchard can be properly shallowly turned, 30-40 cm; the second is that the deep turning must be stubble with the previous deep turning position, and no partition wall is left; the third is that the excavated top soil and core soil are stacked separately when backfilling Fill the top soil first, and then fill the top soil with it for maturation; Fourth, minimize root damage, especially the main and lateral roots with a thickness of more than 1 cm; Fifth, combine a large amount of organic matter (branches, fallen leaves, weeds, straw, etc.) And farm manure (must be decomposed); six, after filling the soil, water should be poured in time, so that the root system is in close contact with the soil, and the growth resumes quickly; seventh, the dry land should be backfilled with ditching, backfilling and practising to ensure the soil Mood.

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