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Smart Greenhouse Monitor

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Smart Greenhouse Monitor

Weather Monitor Instrument

Model:Smart 101

  • Specifications

Smart Greenhouse Monitor, which is a smart product mainly used in greenhouse to detect air temperature, humidity, soil temperature,moisture,and light level during crops growth. At the same time, the data is transmitted to the platform through the NB-IoT network, and finally the user will see real-time data through the APP at any time, which is very convenient for guiding the user to produce and various farming operations.


1. Portable: Compact portable, quick-instal and easy-to-use

2. Advanced technology: Adopts NB-IoT new technology from the cumbersome of traditional cable connection; low-power design with long-term lifetime ; New probe materials and process make measurement data more reliable

3. Romote management: Remote management, real-time data viewing, battery power detection, fault alarm, smart diagnosis and remote upgrade 4. MultiSensors: 5sensors can be monitored at the same time .

Technical parameters

Air Temp
Range:-20~70℃; Resolution: 0.1℃
Air HumidityRange:0~100%RH; Resolution: 0.1%RH
Light LevelRange:0~200000LUX; Resolution: 1LUX
Soil TempRange:-20~70℃R; esolution: 0.1℃
Soil MoistureRange:0~100%VWC; Resolution: 0.1VWC
Working Temperature-20~70℃
Storage Temperature-20~40℃;Recommended:23±2%℃
Charging inputDC 5V-500mA
Storage Humidity60±25%RH

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