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  • Remote Wireless Weather Station

    Weather Monitor Instrument


    • Specifications
    This Automatic Weather Station is a device that can automatically observe and store weather monitoring data. The product is an unmanned weather multi-element weather station developed based on the Internet of Things technology, wireless communication, sensors and other technologies. It is composed of meteorological sensors, data collectors, management cloud platforms, APP and other parts, which can monitor air temperature, air humidity, soil moisture, soil temperature, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, light intensity and other conventional meteorological elements, and this type of weather station has the functions of real-time collection, wireless transmission, automatic storage, over-limit warning, data analysis and so on. It is widely used in the fields of microclimate monitoring, ecological environment monitoring, disease and insect forecasting, scientific research and teaching in agriculture, forestry, grassland, campus, universities, farmland, and other scenes.  


    •  Users can remotely set the weather monitoring data collection time, storage and sending time interval through the management cloud platform.
    • The weather station has data collection and wireless upload functions
    • 4G CAT1 network and server communication, and the network supports 2G/4G;
    • Automatically obtains altitude parameters and GPS coordinate information, preventing theft and displacement.
    • The camera included: CMOS 1/2.7-inch image sensor, 200W (1280*1080) pixels, support timing camera, the users could check on-site photoes on the platform in real time.
    • Remote online fault diagnosis.
    • Remote firmware online upgrade
    • TF card which ensures 5 years of sensor data storage;

    Standard Sensors equipped are:

    Air temperature, humidity, light intensity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, soil temperature, soil moisture, atmospheric pressure, images and others parameters can be customized

    Technical parameters of sensors

    Sensors Measure range
    Air temperature -40 ~120℃
    Humidity 0% ~100%RH
    Oil moisture 0 ~100%
    Soil temperature -50℃ ~100℃
    Wind speed 0 ~60m/s
    Wind direction 0 ~360°
    Rainfall 0 ~9999mm
    Light intensity 0 ~200000 lux
    Atmospheric pressure 450.0hPa ~1100.0hPa

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