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Single-head Gluten Tester

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Single-head Gluten Tester

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Product name:

Single-head gluten tester


Product description:

MJ-IIA single-head Gluten Tester is made up of a main machine and a dryer. It is a special instrument used for testing wet (dry) gluten content, gluten quantity (gluten index) and gluten water holdup. It applies to food and flour processing department, grain and oil scientific research institution, grain storage department and so on.

Technical parameter:

Stirrer rotation speed: 120±2r/min

Centrifugal rotation speed: 6000±5r/min

Centrifugal working time: 1min

Gluten content: difference of two testing results is smaller than 1.0%

Gluten index: during the index between 70 and 100, two testing results admissible error does not over 11 units; when the index below 70, two testing results admissible error does not over 15 units

Power: AC220V±5% 50Hz

Size: 400*300*240mm

Weight: 18.5kg

Single-head gluten washing part:

Thin washing mesh specification: 200 mesh number

Thick washing mesh specification: 26 mesh number

Washing cups diameter: 54mm

Washing sample quantity: 10g

Washing liquid flow: 50~56ml/min

Scrub solution time: 1~99s (digital can be adjusted)

Washing time: 1~9min (digital can be adjusted)

Gluten centrifugal parts:

Motor rotation: 6000±5 r/min

Dehydration board aperture: 500μm

Working time: 60s

Motor power: 25W

Drying apparatus part:

Best working temperature: 150-200 °C

Relative humidity: < 90%

Rated power: 650W

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