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Portable Mini Mold Incubator

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Portable Mini Mold Incubator

General Lab Equipment

Model: MJ-I

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Usage overview

      It is suitable for scientific research, academies and production departments such as environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, drug inspection, agriculture and livestock, aquatic products. It is a special constant temperature equipment for water body analysis and BOD determination, cultivation and preservation of bacteria, molds and microorganisms, plant cultivation, and breeding experiments.


1. Digital microcomputer temperature controller with timing function, accurate and reliable temperature control.
2. Mirror surface stainless steel liner, semi-circular arc and four corners are easy to clean, the shelf spacing in the box is adjustable, and the glass observation window makes the observation easy and clear.
3. International brand compressor, environmentally friendly fluorine-free refrigerant (R134a), low energy consumption, promote energy saving, with fluorine-free refrigeration.
4. It is equipped with an independent temperature limit alarm system, which automatically interrupts when the temperature exceeds the limit to ensure the safe operation of the experiment and no accidents. (Optional)
5. With a printer or RS485 interface, it can be connected to a printer and a computer to print and record temperature changes in real time. (Optional)

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