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Sap Flow Meter Sap Flow Sensors

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Sap Flow Meter Sap Flow Sensors

Plant Phyenotype Analysis

Measurement of sap flow in plant stems

Model: TPJL-1000

  • Specifications

Brief Introduction:

Sap Flow Meter uses heating dissipation probe to measure the instantaneous runoff density of the trunk. This stand-alone sap flow system can continuously measure the sap flow or transpiration of the plants, which is conducive to studying the water exchange law between the trees and the atmosphere. Use this sap flow meter as a means of observation to monitor the impact of forest ecosystems on environmental changes for a long time.


Product Characteristics

Probe can be reused: Double Probe, drilling tool

Constant temperature heating: adoptheat dissipation method,stabledata

Durable: stainless steel probes.

The collection time interval (1-99) and the end time can be set. The standard SD card has no upper limit for data storage and can be exported and analyzed.

Customizable AC/DC dual-purpose instruments.

High measurement accuracy.


Technical parameters

Measurement Method: Heat dissipation probe method (constant heat flow sensor method)

Measurement parameters: instantaneous liquid flow density

Probe length: 33mm

Number of probe: 2

Display: 320*160 LCD

Storage capacity: 2 GB

Sampling time interval: adjustable for 1-99 minutes

Power supply: 8.4 V rechargeable lithium battery (customizable solar power)

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