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Plant Culm-strength Meter

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Plant Culm-strength Meter

Plant Phyenotype Analysis

Model: YYD-1

  • Specifications


  1. Three different probes: the bending performance of the stem, the compressive strength of the stem and the tissue structure (puncture) strength of the stem can be measured.
  2. With peak maintenance function.
  3. It can connect to a computer for testing, cansave, print and analyze. The input speed and area can also display parameters such as displacement and pressure.

4.Store 896 test values.

  1. Large-screen LCD display with backlight function and positive and reverse screen numbers.
  2. Automatic shutdown time setting.
  3. Can displaybattery capacity.If the power is too low, it will shut down automatically.


Technical parameters

Stem bending performance measurement area: 0.5cm²

Stem compressive strength measurement area: 1cm²

Stem structure intensity measurement: 1mm²

Max load: 500N (N, kg, it can be transformed automatically )

Resolution: 0.01N

Precision: ±0.5%F.S

Power: Chargeable: 220V/AC

Battery working time: 6-8 hours

Stability: drift: 0.2uV/°C (0-60°C); zero drift: ≤0.1%/8 hours/FS

Calibration range: full-scale calibration

Working temperature: 0-60°C

Working Humidity: ≤80%

Allowed overload: 150%

Off-Time setting: 10-90 minutes

Power: AA nickel cyanide battery groups

220VAC charging for 4-6HR

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