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Professional Seed X-ray Machine

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  • Professional Seed X-ray Machine

    Seed Analysis


    • Specifications

    Instrument characteristics

    1. ★ Static image capture: A megapixel camera system does not need a dark room. The software collects pictures in real time, and images in real time. It can store the pictures taken.
    2. ★ Image processing: The software provides a variety of image processing methods, including viewing the original image, edge enhancement, anti color display, pseudo color display, horizontal mirror image, clockwise rotation, window width and window level adjustment, local enhancement, histogram equalization, image measurement, image clipping, image scaling, etc. It can analyze and process images from multiple angles, operate with one key, and complete with one key.
    3. Contrast and brightness adjustment: The image quality can be adjusted according to the image content and supports intelligent adjustment of contrast and brightness to make the picture clearer.
    4. Status bar display: the bottom status bar displays real-time information during system operation, real-time status information of light source, and real-time status information of detector to enhance human-computer interaction.
    5. Image preview: The preview area displays the preview information of all images taken in the current task. You can perform corresponding operations on the current image by modifying the name and deleting the image on the preview image.
    6. ★ Measurement function: X-ray machine software provides a variety of measurement methods such as object linear measurement, rectangle measurement, ellipse measurement, polygon measurement, angle measurement, etc. It can measure the length, width, perimeter, area and angle of seeds, and image direct reading data to meet the experimental needs.
    7. Safety protection: The lead room is designed with six faces, and is equipped with manual lead doors and observation windows to ensure that the leakage dose of X-ray under zero distance conditions meets the national standards and ensure the safety of operators.
    8. ★ Double layer shelf platform: the double layer shelf platform inside the detection host can collect images of different seed sizes and imaging areas.
    9. ★ High speed detection: single seed X-ray imaging detection can be completed in 3-4 seconds.
    10. Image printing: the instrument is equipped with a standard computer, which can directly print, analyze, store and call X-ray images at any time, connect to the printer for output, and save film development and other costs.
    11. Alert Time: different alert times can be set according to the seed type, and the graph is automatically taken.
    12. Audible and visual alarm: during the operation of the equipment, the audible and visual alarm device will send out sound and alarm light signals to check the operation status of the instrument.
    13. Remote operation: The equipment is equipped with a foot switch, which can separate the data acquisition area from the X-ray camera area to maximize the safety of the operator.
    14. Data storage: it can store the collected and processed images in large capacity.


    Technical parameters

    1. Standard 14 inch laptop, Windows10 operating system, supporting wired wireless data transmission
    2. Boundary dimension: 1350 * 800 * 710 mm
    3. Digital imaging field of view: 350 * 430 mm (different areas can be customized)
    4. The maximum allowable thickness shall not exceed 200-600 mm
    5. Weight: 350KG
    6. Pixel pitch: 140 um (digital HD imaging)
    7. A/D conversion: 16Bits
    8. Spatial resolution: 3.6LP/mm
    9. Tube voltage/current: 40-60 kv
    10. X-ray tube current: 1-10 mm
    11. X camera protection: lead cabinet
    12. Standard configuration: detection device host, laptop, network cable, foot switch, power cord, dongle

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