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Near-Infrared Soybean Analyzer

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  • Near-Infrared Soybean Analyzer

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    • Specifications

    Product description

    TPGA-2000 Near-infrared soybean analyzer is applicable for the efficient, fast, non-destructive, quantitative analysis of moisture, protein, fat of the soybean, to provide rapid detection methods for soybean quality identification. The instrument can be used in laboratories, workshops, fields, and other differences.

    Technical parameter

    Spectral Range:680-1050 nm
    Res: Superior to 7nm
    Transmission Measurement Method:29mm
    Detector: Silicon diode array
    Measurement Method: Transmission,measurement can detect up to 10 subsamples per time
    Product Size:360mm×250mm×300mm



    1. Efficient & Fast: Detecting time 1-3mins, simultaneously measuring a variety of indicators of the sample, greatly shorten the detection time.
    2. Scientific Precision: The equipment uses patented testing technology, automatic acquisition of 10 subsamples for analysis, combined with advanced priority algorithm, the detection accuracy, and stability are improved.
    3. Flexible & Diversified::According to the particle size of the sample, choose suitable optical path modules that can be matched to achieve different sample testing.
    4. No damage: No need for grinding, whole grain can be the detector.
    5. Intelligent analysis: Equipped with special analysis software, Self-check, Model correction, Wavelength correction, Testing, Auto-generate Report, and other functions.
    6. Intelligent control: Equipped intelligent monitoring software, Electric(Power) status display, Temperature, and Humidity monitoring.
    7. Convenient Operation:8inch touch screen, Windows7 operation system.
    8. Compatible Power Supply: Continuous outdoor operations.
    9. Internet Applications: With USB type A, USB type B, RJ45 interfaces. Using for daily maintenance, model upgrade & update database.

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