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Fast Thousand Seed Weight Seed Analysis By Image Processing

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Fast Thousand Seed Weight Seed Analysis By Image Processing

Seed Analysis

Model: TPKZ-1

  • Specifications
1. Scanner:A3(max resolution 1600dpi*1600dpi), Qinghua Purple light M1 color scanner.
2. Analysis speed:10ears,35sections,1000kernels analyzed once.
3. Data storage: images, automatic generation of report and export in Excel, supplement stored is available.
4. Color analysis: RGB color display, With comparative analysis of sample color, shape.
5. Moisture test: equipped with a moisture meter.
6. Image analysis: arbitrarily zoom in or zoom out, partial observation.
7. Weight conversion: equipped with electric balance, weight data can be imported and exported through RS232. Then the system converts the weight to 1000/100-grain weight.
8. Embryo tips mark: the system is able to automatically recognize and mart the embryo tips of the corn and record its quantity.
9.Precision error: 1500-4000kernels/min ,automatic counting error: ≤±0.5%,and reach 100% correct through manual correction;
Kernels size error:≤±0.3%; 1000grain weight analysis error: ≤±0.5%.

Analysis function

Intact Ear Analysis
Test ear row, ear length, ear width, barren ear tip length, ear angle, ear color, kernels quantity, kernels thickness
Section Analysis
Test kernels per row, Axis diameter, kernel length, kernel width. At least 15 sections can be detected each time.
Kernels Analysis
Test kernels quantity, unit weight, kernel size (length, width, aspect ratio, perimeter, area diameter) moisture, color, the number of embryo tips and etc.

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