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Best Price Auperior Quality Blue Tree Diameter Gauge

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  • Best Price Auperior Quality Blue Tree Diameter Gauge

    General Lab Equipment

    Model: Mantax blue

    • Specifications

    Product description

    Mantax blue tree diameter gauge has a wide range of applications. It can measure all kinds of trees, such as trees, sawn trees, timber, etc., and can also be used for aquaculture and wildlife management, such as shellfish and sea turtles. It can also be used to measure BMI in the healthcare industry. Mantax Precision Blue Diameter is a convenient instrument for measuring the diameter of trees. The design is novel, the fork clamp is adjustable, and the bright blue can adapt to various environments. The scale will not wear out due to long-term use. The Mantax Precision Blue Caliper is made of aluminum and is easy to use. The corresponding scale can be customized according to the special needs of customers.

    Technical Parameters of Tree Diameter

    Measuring range: 0~400mm, 0~500mm, 0~650mm, 0~800mm, 0~950mm, 0~1020mm and 0~1270mm

    Scale material: aluminum alloy coating, non-reflective

    Arms material: polycarbonate plastic Clip material: aluminum and steel

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