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Automatic Seed Counter

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  • Automatic Seed Counter

    Seed Analysis

    Automatic Seed Counter-Seed Counting Machine

    Digital Microcomputer Counting Machine for Seeds,Diamonds,Tablets,Dentures,Pearl

    Model: SLY-C

    • Specifications

    Automatic Seed Counter

    Brief Introduction:

    The automatic Seed Counter is designed for counting, filling, and packing seeds and other grains. It applies microprocessor and fully automatic technology, enabling automatic and accurate calculation of thousand grain. Automatic Seed Counter can be set to count numerous batches automatically with different seed counts and quantities, the counting speed is adjustable. small, medium, big, long, and round seeds and other grains can be counted with high accuracy. Meantime, Top Cloud-agri’s Automatic Seed Counter can count different seeds, tablets, pearls, diamonds, dentures, and other Granular items.


    • Microcomputer automatic control, touch keys, complete automated operation.
    • Counting speed is adjustable, no noise, high accuracy, metal shell, and elegant appearance.
    • Both round and long seeds and other grains are suitable
    • With LED display
    • With circuit self-tuning, setting view, arbitrary counting, preset auto-stop, and other automatic functions.
    • Specially count small and medium seeds such as rice, wheat, rape, vegetables, flowers, 5tobacco (small grains), as well as diamonds, tablets, Pearl, diamonds, dentures, etc.

    Technical specification:

    • Count Range: Small and medium-size sample: 0.7~4 mm×0.7~12mm /Big sample:3~10mm×3~12 mm
    • Count Accuracy: Big and middle sample: 2/1000 small sample: 4/1000
    • Count Speed: ≥1000 /3min (it’s based on level 2, if you want fast you can turn to level 3-7)
    • Count Capacity: 1~99999
    • Power: AC 110V / 220V,  50±10Hz
    • Continuous working time: ≥ 5Hrs

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