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Automatic Pest Forecast Light Trap

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Automatic Pest Forecast Light Trap

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  • Specifications


  • Manually control the function of changing positions, trap light switches, heating tube switches, insecticidal bins and drying bins.
  • With the light control, rain control, time control, infrared treatment of insects and separately store.
  • The whole structure uses stainless steel and the display is 7 inch capacitive touch screen.
  • View data and control the work time.
  • Support GPS positioning function to obtain and calibrate single chip working time.
  • Separate pest body from rain.

Technical parameters:

  1. Working power:220V ±60V(AC), 12V( DC, solar panels and batteries).
  2. Solar cell: 300W.
  3. Power:≤450W, standby watt:≤
  4. Life span: ≥5 years.
  5. Light source: 25W trapped tube; Electronic ballast can be stared instantly.
  6. Domi wavelength: 365nm
  7. Start time of the tube: ≤
  8. Far infrared cabin’s temperature: 80-90℃ after 15mins working.
  9. Insulation resistance:≥5MΩ


Difference between models:

TPCB-II-C4.0 Without solar power,  AC power supply only.
TPCB-III-C4.0 With solar power, DC power supply.

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