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Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer With Intelligent Control

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Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer With Intelligent Control

General Lab Equipment

Model: YM series

  • Specifications

Performance characteristics

•Made of stainless steel, durable;
• Lightly open flip structure, easy, labor-saving, and space-saving;
• The inclined design of the control panel is convenient for observation and operation;
• The microcomputer program controls the heating and timing process in the sterilization program;
• LED digital tube and indicator light, dynamically display the operating status of the equipment;
• The computer board has a PID function, and the heating parameters can be corrected by self-tuning to prevent the temperature from being flushed. The temperature control accuracy is within ±0.5℃;
• Automatic water replenishment (anti-dry burning) function at low water level, and has an audible and visual alarm system, and automatically resume heating after replenishing water;
•Gravity exhaust method design, the pure steam environment in the cavity, reliable sterilization effect;
•Radial self-expanding silicone rubber sealing ring, with good sealing effect and long service life;
• If the temperature exceeds the set value by 2°C, the heating will be automatically stopped, and the sound and light alarm will be activated at the same time;
• When the overpressure reaches 0.17MPa, the safety valve automatically releases steam to protect the equipment;
• The drain valve can drain the concentrated water in the barrel to prevent scaling;
•Swivel casters with brakes can be moved easily and positioned conveniently;
•Immersed electric heating tube with high thermal efficiency.

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