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Professional Seed X-ray Machine

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  • Professional Seed X-ray Machine

    Seed Analysis

    Model: HY-1080 Plus

    • Specifications

    Instrument introduction

    X-ray Machine: It adopts a high-resolution imaging system, a 48 μ m CMOS detector, micro focal point emitter tube digital imaging, an energy range of 20-120 kV, tube current of 0.3 Ma, maximum focal spot size of 15 μ m, geometric amplification function. The image is clear and the instrument is fully digitized. The software operation function; Digital high-definition CMOS detector, professional image acquisition, Gigabit network end wired connection, 24-inch computer real-time imaging, real-time detection effect pictures. Floor mounted cabinet has an X-ray self-shielding design, a large field of view lead glass visual window, and the cabinet has a mobile pulley, which is safe and reliable, and more convenient to use.


    Instrument characteristics

     X-ray Machine is mainly used for non-destructive detection and analysis of seeds, nuts, seedlings, marine organisms, and small animals; At the same time, it can also be used for: scientific research, aviation, ocean-going, laboratory, etc.


    Technical parameters

    1. Digital imaging field of view: 58.6x63mm (customized for different areas)   
    2. Pixel spacing: 49.5um  (micro focus high resolution imaging system) 
    3. Spacing: 200-600mm  
    4. A / D conversion; 16 / bits            
    5. Spatial resolution: 10.lp/mm (high resolution)
    6. Tube voltage: 40-120kv (microfocus 15-50um ray machine.)          
    7. Tube target flow: 0.30ma
    8. Computer system: Windows 10
    9. Remote control:   Remote operation software
    10. Wired transmission port: Gigabit network port
    11. Host weight: 210kg      
    12. Adapter output voltage: DC24V

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