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Plant Canopy Structure Analyzer

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Plant Canopy Structure Analyzer

Plant Phyenotype Analysis

Plant Canopy analyzer

Great Measurements without Disturbing the Canopy


  • Specifications

Plant Canopy Structure Analyzer

Brief Introduction:

Plant Canopy Structure Analyzer can measure the light interception among plant canopy, and research the relation between plant growth & development, production quality and light utilization.This canopy analyzer uses a non-destructive method and it is  widely applied for farming production and agricultural research, canopy energy resource investigation.


  • High waterproof grade: all aluminum alloy, waterproof grade IP
  • Using visible/near-infrared light reflection spectrum technology and multi-channel spectral information scanning technology. The vegetation surface parameters, plant canopy information, plant nutrient information, soil nutrient information, environmental parameters, plant pests and diseases can be quickly determined.
  • Many software analysis functions: it can analyze the vegetation index RVI, CMM, nitrogen content in the crop leaf layer, nitrogen accumulation, leaf area index, leaf dry weight, etc.

Host function:

  • With Cloud platform and mobile APP.
  • With GPS positioning.
  • With voice broadcast

Technical Parameter:

Working environment: 0~ 60 ℃, 0 ~ 100% RH (no condensation of water vapor)

Storage environment:-10 ~ 80℃,  0 ~ 40% RH

Power supply: 8 ~ 12VDC

Light Source: LED

Center Wavelength: 680nm, 800nm

Spectral bandwidth: <8nm FWHM

View angle: 30 °

Acquisition area: 0.23 ~ 0.38 ㎡

Channel: 2

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