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Plant Nondestructive Detector

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Plant Nondestructive Detector

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The nondestructive tree detector is a portable pulse detection tomography device which is composed of the detector(include the test box and tool box) and the tree defect imaging software. The device detects the internal defects of trees and is widely used in the detection and location of internal defects of living trees such as ancient trees and street trees.

The Function Features:

  1. The number of sensorsup to 12.
  2. The transfer time of stress wave can be displayed. During the detecting,the tested data can be observed in real-time.
  3. The imaging software is able to record the transfer data of stress wave during each detect point,the segment diagram of stress wave propagation line and the Wood interior defect image.
  4. The detected report can be printed and the wood cross section image can be output.

The Technical Parameter:

Measurement range:

  • the speed of stress wave/v(/m/s):0-3000
  • The transfer time of stress wave/t(μs):0<t<65535
  • The resolation of measurement time/μs: 1
  • Power source: 4.2V Li-ion battery
  • Work time/h: 10(continuous work)
  • Weight:tool box≤8kg;instrument box≤4kg
  • dimension/mm:    Tool box: (L)455±5, (W)420±5,(H)115±5
  •                                    Instrumentbox:(L) 310±5, (W)225±5,(H)136±5
  • Environment temperature:-10~40℃
  • Environment humidity:≤90%
  • Sensors: Low noise piezoelectric sensor

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