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Horizontal Circular Pressure Steam Sterilizer For Hot Sale

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Horizontal Circular Pressure Steam Sterilizer For Hot Sale

General Lab Equipment

Model: YX600W

  • Specifications

Performance characteristics

•The body of the product container is made of stainless steel, which is durable.
•Automatic control of the whole process by microcomputer.
• LED digital comprehensive display settings and dynamic temperature, timing values.
•The water tank and sterilization chamber adopt dual pressure and dual temperature display and control.
• LED lights and alarm devices indicate the operating status of the equipment in all directions.
•PID temperature control function can automatically correct the heating control parameters by selecting to prevent the temperature from being flushed.
•The temperature control accuracy is ±0.5℃.
•Over temperature (set temperature +2℃) alarm and stop heating.
• With automatic water replenishment function, the heating is stopped when the water is lacking, the water is refilled, and the heating continues after reaching the low water level, in order.
•Safety valve overpressure protection.
• The sterilizer door has an electronic interlocking device to ensure that the door is not in place, the lock is not locked, and the handwheel does not supply steam. The door lock of the sterilization chamber cannot be opened under pressure, the handwheel cannot be rotated, and the door cannot be opened.
• The self-expanding silicone rubber sealing ring has a good sealing effect and long service life.
• It has a drying function while keeping the water tank running continuously.
•The exhaust steam method after the end of heat preservation can be selected to meet the pressure relief requirements of different types of substances after sterilization.

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