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Breeding Plot Crop Yield Estimation System

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Breeding Plot Crop Yield Estimation System

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The Breeding Plot Crop Yield Estimation System is an intelligent device designed for crop regional trials and breeding trial units to measure crop yields in the experimental plots. The system realizes the automatic recording and digital display of the production measurement data throughout the process. The system can be used alone or in conjunction with the plot thresher to realize the threshing and yield measurement, and quickly measure the weight, water content and bulk density of the plot. It supports spreadsheet storage, and the system directly analyzes and processes the plot output data. Connect printing equipment and print data labels on site, so that scientific research personnel such as regional trials and breeding can classify and analyze data related to the samples harvested in the field.


1. The principle of high-precision moisture measurement can quickly and accurately measure moisture, and realize real-time harvesting and production measurement.

2. Using the principle of inclination and vibration compensation weighing to reduce the impact of the sloshing and vibration of the material hopper on the precision of the weighing.

3. Adopt group sampling measurement to solve the influence of material compactness on the repeatability and bulk density accuracy of the measured moisture.

4. The measurement time is fast, stable and accurate, and the data results are output 6 seconds after stabilization.

Technical parameter
1.Dimensions: 760mm*480mm*1335mm

2. Power supply mode: DC12V-24V, adapt to conventional battery or power adapter

3. Equipment power: 30W

4. Measuring crops: corn, wheat, rice

5. Production indicators: weight, moisture, bulk density

6. Weighing range: 2.5kg/time

7. Weighing accuracy Accuracy: ±10g/time

8. Water content accuracy accuracy: ±1%

9. Bulk density accuracy: ±10g/L/time

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