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Soil Hardness Meter

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  • Soil Hardness Meter

    Soil Analysis

    Model: TYD-1

    TOP Cloud-agri's Soil Hardness Meter adopts theoretical value of pressure gauge Kg/cm², directly measures soil hardness. For soil permeability, aeration and soil properties survey research. It’s very convenient and accurate to use, and easy to carry.

    • Specifications

    Hardness indication range: 0-40mm, 0-500kg/cm2

    Test method:

    • Level the measured soil’s surface, and insert the pin point of the hardness meter into the soil unit(opening) part.
    • Vertically pull out the soil hardness meter and read the hardness indicating value.
      After finished reading measured the soil hardness value, drive rotary-knob, make the indication value to zero.
    • please note: the Soil that attach to the inside of measured head will make the measurements incorrectly. please clockwise rotate(opening)part, take down round sleeve, rotate to the fixed position after cleaning up, and then measure again.

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