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Portable Plant Nutrition Tester Analyzer

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  • Portable Plant Nutrition Tester Analyzer

    Plant Phyenotype Analysis

    Plant Nutrition Testing Analyzer

    Model: TYS-4N

    • Specifications

    Portable Plant Nutrition Tester Analyzer

    Product description:
    Plant nutrition analyzer, also known as crop nutrition diagnostic instrument, can measure four parameters (chlorophyll, nitrogen content,leaf temperature and leaf humidity)at the same time.In order to solve the plant’s true nitro demand and understand the extent of soil nitro deficiency or excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer. Through the guidance of TYS-4N plant nutrition tester, it can increase the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer and protect the environment. Plant nutrition analyzer can be widely used in agricultural and forestry-related scientific research institutions and universities to study plant physiological indicators and agricultural production guidance.

    1. Nondestructive test plant quickly, not to effect plant growth.
    2. All parameters can be measured at one time and displayed in real time.
    3. The four parameters(nitrogen, chlorophyll, leaf temperature and leaf humidity)are displayed in the screen, and can be stored at the same time. The average values of the four indexes can be calculated automatically.
    4. Chinese interface has “system settings”, “view data”, “energy saving settings”, “clock settings”, “delete data” and other functions.
    5. View historical data, either sequentially or jump.
    6. The standard fertilizer amount can be directly calculated by inputting the plant name, the standard nitrogen content and the utilization rate.
    7. Data that has been saved in the host after an unexpected power outage is not lost.
    8. Historical data can be deleted either individually or in one click.
    9. The instrument has its own USB interface, which can connect the computer to export the measured data. It is convenient for the management and analysis of plant nutrients.
    10. Built-in lithium battery power supply, direct charging does not need to change the battery, instrument with its own backlight function.

    Technical parameters:
    Testing object: Nitrogen, chlorophyll, leaf temperature,leaf humidity
    Testing range:
    Chlorophyll range: 0.0‐99.9SPAD
    Nitrogen range: 0.0‐99.9mg/g
    Leaf humidity: 0.0‐99.9RH%
    Leaf temperature:‐10‐99.9°C

    Testing area: 2mm*2mm
    Testing interval: less than 3sec
    Stored data capacity: 32KB
    Power supply: 4.2V 2000mah Recharge Li‐ion battery

    Testing accuracy: 
    Chlorophyll accuracy: ±3SPAD
    Nitrogen accuracy: ±5%
    Leaf humidity accuracy: ± 0.5%
    Leaf temperature accuracy: ± 0.5°C

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