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Portable Plant Nutrition Analyzer

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Portable Plant Nutrition Analyzer

Plant Phyenotype Analysis

Model: TYS-4A

  • Specifications


      The plant nutrient analyzer can instantly measure the relative chlorophyll content, nitrogen content, leaf temperature and leaf humidity of plants. The four parameters are measured at the same time and displayed at the same time. It provides a basis for precise fertilization and irrigation of plants, so as to avoid waste and environmental damage caused by excessive fertilization. It is helpful to increase the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer and provide reliable soil and crop information for precision agriculture.



1. Be able to save chlorophyll, nitrogen, leaf temperature and leaf humidity at the same time
2. The instrument is small, portable and easy to handle with one hand
3. Non-destructive measurement, it can quickly and non-destructively detect plants, without damaging crop growth
4. Large data storage capacity, using SD card storage, easy to read data, storage capacity up to 2GB, data be export to PC in excel format for further analysis
5. Reasonable power management program, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, each charge can be continuously measured for 12 hours


Technical parameters


Testing objects
nitrogen, chlorophyll content, leaf temperature, and leaf humidity
Nitrogen range
full range
Nitrogen accuracy
Chlorophyll range
0.0-99.9 SPAD
Chlorophyll accuracy
Leaf temperature
Leaf temperature accuracy
Leaf humidity range
Storage capacity
2G SDcard
Measuring Interval
Operating temperature
-10-50°C, 85%RH
4.2V 2200mAh rechargeable Li battery
Memory capacity
2GB, SD card, data be export to PC in excel format for further analysis

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