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Intelligent Leaf Area Meter

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Intelligent Leaf Area Meter

Plant Phyenotype Analysis

Smart Leaf Area Meter

Leaf area meter with Android system scanning


  • Specifications

Intelligent Leaf Area Meter

Brief introduction 

Intelligent Leaf Area Meter consists of a backlight apparatus and a in-build debedded software handheld PC.(Android). The APP is synthesis software; This smart leaf area meter adopts advanced image processing technology through the principles of leaves shapes drawing, space transformation and edge detection, and morphology as well. It widely used formeasuring leaf area and other values in agricultural field.

Technical parameters 

Leaf area accuracy:±2%                   Leaf circumference accuracy:±4%

Leaf length accuracy:±2%                 Leaf width accuracy:≤1%

Measured max length: 20cm

Measured max width: 15cm


App Features

1.Android system, it is easy and quick to handle with more intelligent, humanized and can be upgraded applied functions.

2.7inchs full-color touch-screen, 8 million pixels. After taking photo, the software will count and display the value automatically.

3.Powerful storage functions with 16G SD Card.

4.View the data with report and Excel format.

5.Manual fixed the leaf shape to ensure a high accuracy counting.

6.Three algorithms optional: general, dark color and light color. After taking photo, choose the suitable algorithm according the leaf’s color.

7.After taking photo, the software could count and display leaf area, perimeter, length, width, quantity of worm holes automatically.

8.The instrument is equipped with cloud platform and APP to view management data in multiple channels.

9.Multi-leaf measurement is supported: The leaf is placed within the effective range, there is no overlap in the tile,and the data interface of the left and right sliding flat panel can be cut to see the data parameters of each leaf.


Tablet Computer Parameters

System: Android4.2.2 above

Size: 7inch full-color touch-screen

Rear camera: 800million

Resolution: 1920*1200

Storage: 16G

Network interface: Wi-Fi/ 4G

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