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Promoting internationalization:Top Cloud-agri introduces China’s digital agricultural technology to FAO and multinational officials

» News » Promoting internationalization:Top Cloud-agri introduces China’s digital agricultural technology to FAO and multinational officials

Promoting internationalization:Top Cloud-agri introduces China’s digital agricultural technology to FAO and multinational officials


On July 6, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) held a training seminar on digital agricultural capacity building under the framework of South-South cooperation in Hangzhou. Takayuki Hagiwara, Director of Asia Pacific, FAO Investment Center, and Project Officer, Asia Pacific, FAO Investment Center Zhe, FAO China Office Project Officer Zhou Lizhen and China, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Morocco, Kenya, Pakistan and other countries agricultural sector leaders and experts from the seminar training class came to Top Cloud-agri Xiaoshan Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park for field trips. Zhu Xuhua, deputy general manager of Top Cloud-agri, accompanied the investigation.

In November last year, Mr. Carlo Bravi from the Investment Center of the FAO Cooperation Department came to Top’s research and said: “In the past, FAO was looking for resources in other countries in the world to support the development of China’s agriculture. Today, the digital economy era is to China. Finding solutions to help other developing countries.” Zhu Xuhua expressed his honours when he went to Rome’s FAO headquarters to report digital agriculture in May to the current FAO team to visit Top Cloud-agri. In the face of this kind of love, he said that Top Cloud-agri grew up in the context of China’s digital agriculture development. At this stage, he quoted the new FAO Director-General Qu Dongyu as saying: “We have the ability and responsibility. Obligation to support the work of the world’s grain farmers.

At the base site, Deputy General Manager Zhu Xuhua introduced the company’s mission vision, development history and digital agricultural solutions to the delegation, as well as the industrial application in the Top Cloud-agri Smart Agriculture Base. Among them, the industrialization of the Internet of Things, such as automatic control of greenhouses, integration of water and fertilizer, monitoring and early warning systems for pests and diseases, has received strong attention. Zhu Xuhua said that Top Cloud-agri has been committed to the development of agricultural informatization, exploring the research and development of digital agricultural intelligent equipment and the value of agricultural big data. On the one hand, it has deepened the collection and acquisition of data, on the one hand, refined technology and enhanced application of data. The practice of landing, to explore the innovative industrialization application model for the different needs of the agricultural sector.

After introducing the application cases, the representatives of various countries raised a number of questions around the aspects of technology promotion, product efficiency, difficulty of landing, etc., and got a reply from Zhu Xuhua. Through in-depth exchanges, they have a deeper understanding of Top’s exploration and application in the field of smart agriculture, and expressed full recognition and deep interest in Top’s technology and products.



Takayuki Hagiwara, Director of the Asia-Pacific Investment Division of FAO, said, “FAO is committed to solving the world food problem. We have seen many highlights from Top: providing a series of solutions for digital agriculture. Water and fertilizer integrated irrigation technology is conducive to food income, pests and diseases. Monitoring is conducive to the protection of food security. Top Cloud-agri’s industrial application exploration and successful experience have great guiding value and promotion significance for us.”



In addition, the delegation also learned in detail about digital agriculture solutions and specific application results of different scales and planting methods. After many observations, agricultural leaders and experts in various countries indicated that they have considerable practical value and promotion significance in their own countries. It will strengthen contact with Top Cloud-agri and explore further ways of cooperation.



After the observation activities, the seminar also carried out in-depth discussions and exchanges on “Digital Agricultural Capacity Building under the Framework of South-South Cooperation”.

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