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Product           Model:XSD-9

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:Compound Microscope Educational Microscope

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The microscope is specially designed for ordinary agricultural research units and school educational purposes. Under the transmission light, one can observe various kings of biological specimen, such as various kings of spore, sidelong section of rootstock, pollen, head, ala, foot, spawn and footprint of insect. It can assay three routine item blood of human body.

1.Total Magnification: 50X-1600X

2.Eyepiece: 5X/20, 10X/18, 16X/11

3.Achromatic Objective: 10X/0.25. 40X0.65 100X/1.25(Oil)

4.Numerical Aperture (N.A): 0.25, 0.65, 1.25

5.Working Distance (mm): 7.31, 0.506, 0.37

6.Stagr: 120X120mm  move ruler: 60X30mm

7. Length of Mechanical Tube: 160mm

8.Adjusting Range: 35mm


1.Total Magnification: 40X-400X/  64X-640X

2.Eyepiece:10X/16, Or 16X/11

3.Achromatic Objective: 4X/0.1 10X/0.25 40X0.65

4.Numerical Aperture (N.A): 0.1, 0.25, 0.65

5.Working Distance (mm): 0.375   7.31,  0.506,

6.Stagr: 120X120mm  move ruler: 60X30mm

7. Length of Mechanical Tube:  160mm

8.Adjusting Range: 8mm


1.Total Magnification: 40X-400X/ 

2.Eyepiece:, 10X/15.7mm

3.Achromatic Objective: 4X/37.5  10X/7.5 40X/0.5\

4. Stagr: 120X115mm 

5. Length of Mechanical Tube:   160mm

6. Adjusting Range: 15mm