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Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer

Product           Model:752/752N

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

About Products

1uses sparkle diffraction grating monochromator, the wave length precision, monochromatic good, the mixed astigmatism is low and so on.

2 Can the automatic change tungsten halogen lamp and the deuterium lamp.

3Use three No LED digital, T.A.C Read action

4 Has the analog recorder connection, can make the kinetic energy response test.

5The sample room can hold 0.5 - 5cm the ratio color dish.

Technical specification

1 Wavelength range:200 - 800nm

2 Wavelength Accuracy:plus or minus 2nm

3 Wavelength Repeat: 0.5nm

4 Transmittance Accuracy: plus or minus 0.5%

5 Transmittance Repeat: 0.5%

6 T-A Change Accuracy: plus or minus 0.004A

7 Spectrum band width: 6nm

8 Mixed light: 0.5%

9 stability:0.5% within 3min