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Biological Microscope

Product           Model:BP-20

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:PASS ISO9001 Indoor temperature: 0ˇăC-40ˇăC Max. relative humidity: 85%

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The microscope is a precision instrument, both optically and mechanically and will last a lifetime with a minimum of maintenance. It is built to high optical & mechanical standards and is designed to withstand daily classroom and laboratory use with only normal care.



The microscope is housed in a molded foam container. Take the container out of the carton and lay the container on its side. Remove the tape from its perimeter and carefully lift the top half of the container. Open the container carefully and do not let the optical items (objectives and eyepieces) drop down to avoid them being damaged. Using both hands (one around the arm and one around the base), lift the microscope from the container and put it on a stable desk.

The objectives are mounted on the nosepiece. The eyepiece is mounted in the eye-tube and locked by a screw.

When using the movable-specimen-holder, position the two pins of the movable-specimen-holder into the two small holes of the stage and tighten the screw to fix the movable-specimen-holder on the stage.



Usually, following environment is required:

Indoor temperature: 0ˇăC-40ˇăC

Max. relative humidity: 85%

Keep the microscope away from dust and shock while use.

Turn off the light immediately after use.

Use a soft lens tissue to clean the optics.

Apply soft cleaning lotion to clean other parts of the microscope.

After use, cover the microscope with a dust-cover included with it, and keep the microscope in a dry and clean place.