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Vacuum Seed Counting And Placing Instrument

Product           Model:SLY series

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:Seed Counting And Placing Instrument can automatically count food crop granules and its widely used in seed system, food department.

About Vacuum Seed Counting And Placing Instrument

Prodct Name:Vacuum Seed Counting And Placing Instrument
Model:SLY series
1. Microcomputer automatic control, have touch-key, complete automated operation. 
2. Count speed is adjustable, high accuracy, metal shell, and elegant appearance.
3. Both round and long seeds are suitable.
Technical specification:
1. Count Range: Small and middle sample: 0.7~4 mm0.7~12mm 
 Big sample: 3~10mm3~12 mm 
2. Count Accuracy: Big and middle sample: 2/1000 small sample: 4/1000                     
3. Count Speed: 1000 /3min (it's based on level 2, if you want fast you can turn to level 3-7) 
4. Count Capacity: 1~99999
5. Power:  220V 50HZ
Continuous working time: 5Hr
Model difference: 

Count middle and small sample,, like wheat, vegetable, flower, tobacco seed.
Count big sample, like corn, bean, sunflower seed.
Can be suitable for big, middle and small sample


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