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Nitrogen Determination Apparatus/Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination System

Product           Model:ZDDN-II

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:Nitrogen Determination Apparatus also known as Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination System. Its used for testing nitrogen content in grain, food, dairy product, etc.

About Nitrogen Determination Apparatus/Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination System

Product name:Nitrogen Determination Apparatus/Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination System


Nitrogen Determination Apparatus/Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination System  DistillatioCharacteristics:

1. Adopt microcomputer controlling process; include manual mode and automatic mode. Can be set and switched according to user's need.

2. Large array LCD display, touch key, easy to operate.

3. Automatically control distill, add water .control water level are cut off water supply.

4. Various security protections: digestive system security device, steam generator water shortage alarm, water level detection fault alarm.

5. Stored operation procedure quantity: 250

6. Instrument shell adopts specially made plastic spray steel. Working area adopts ABS anticorrosive board, Avoid chemical reagent corrosion and mechanical surface damage, acid proof and alkali proof.

7. Once detected fault, controlling system will power off automatically.

8. Digestive furnace is not included in standard configuration.


Technical parameters:

Measuring varieties: grain, feed, dairy products, drink, soil, medicine, precipitate, chemicals and so on

Working mode: automatic (titration is not included)

Water-in mode: tap water and distilled water

Sample quantity: solid: 0.20g-2.00g,

               Semisolid: 2.00g-5.00g

               Liquid: 10.00ml-25.00ml

Measuring range: 0.1mgN-200mgN (mg nitrogen)

Recovery rate: 99% (relative error, including digestive process)

Distillation speed: 5-15 min/sample (according to sample amount)

Cooling water consumption: 3L/min

Repetition rate: relative standard deviation <1%

Power: AV 220V/50Hz, 1000W

Water supply: water pressure >1.5MPa

             Water temperature<20C

Shape size: 430*360*670mm

Weight: 25Kg

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