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Chlorophyll Meter

Product           Model:SPAD-502PlUS

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:SPAD-502PlUS chlorophyll meter is to test leaf chlorophyll content by measuring the light-transmission coefficient of leaf in two wavelength range. Its widely used all over the world.

About Chlorophyll Meter

Name:Chlorophyll Meter


Chlorophyll Meter description:

SPAD-502 PLUS chlorophyll Meter can measure relative content of chlorophyll, non-destructive to leaves. Measured datum will be displayed in trend graph. It can be used to enhance the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer.


Chlorophyll Meter Technical parameters:

Measuring mode: 2 wavelengths optical density difference

Measuring area: 2 mm3 mm

Sensor: Silicon semiconductor photodiode

Display mode: LCD, 4 decimal places, tendency chart

Measuring range: -9.9 to 199.9 SPAD units

Memory capacity: 30datum, automatically calculate and display average value

Power: 2 AA batteries (1.5V)

Battery life: More than 20,000 times

Test interval: 2s

Accuracy: Within 1.0 SPAD units (for SPAD value between 0 and 50 under normal temperature)

Repeatability: Within 0.3 SPAD units (for SPAD value between 0 and 50)

Reproducibility: Within 0.5 SPAD units (for SPAD value between 0 and 50)

Volume: 164*78*49cm (length*width*height)

Weight: 225g

Working environment: 0-50C

Other functions: alarm; calibration

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