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volume-weight tester/volume-weight instrument

Product           Model:GHCS-1000 series

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:Volume-weight is one of the required inspection items in food acquisition.Volume-weight tester is developed according to the standard of LS/T3701-1993 "Of HGT-1000 grain bulk density", and the measurement of the grain volume-weight in GB1353-2009 "corn" new GB.

About volume-weight tester/volume-weight instrument

Volume-weight tester/volume-weight instrument product description:

Electronic Volume-weight Apparatus is widely used in volume-weight testing of grain such as wheat, rice, sorghum, corn and so on . It can work out the levels according to standard requirements at the same time. Therefore, it plays a key role in grain purchasing, storage, processing


Volume-weight tester/volume-weight instrument characteristics:

1. Can be changeable.

2. Adopts imported patch components with high density and high reliability instead of traditional electronic components, which saves the components installing space of inner structure.

3. Adopts advanced electronic weighing technology and computer technology, and has realized displaying weighing results meanwhile automatically printing rest results.

4. The machine parts has been selected and processed delicately, with unique color and beautiful outlook.

5. Easy to operate, with high accuracy and fast measurement.

Volume-weight tester/volume-weight instrument technical parameters:

Max weighting:10002g
Min weighting:100g
Volume-weight cylinder volume:10001.5ml
Working voltage:220V
Working environment requirements:
Environment temperature:5-40C
Relative humidity:<90%RH

Model difference:


Small grain electronic volume-weight apparatus


Small grain electronic volume-weight apparatus(with printing function)


Large grain electronic volume-weight apparatus


Large grain electronic volume-weight apparatus(with printing function)


Dual purpose grain electronic volume-weight apparatus


Dual purpose grain electronic volume-weight apparatus(with printing function)