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Falling Number System/Falling Number Tester

Product           Model:FN series

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:FN falling Number Tester can accurately determine the grain germination damage degree, apply to cereals, especially the determination of wheat flour.Falling Number System is an essential equipment which tests quality in grain storage, flour processing, food processing,etc.

About Falling Number System/Falling Number Tester

Name:Falling Number System/Falling Number Tester

Model:FN series

Falling Number System/Falling Number Tester characteristics:


Falling number tests the active amylase in grain special instrument, can accurately judges damage of the grain germination. It can be used in grain, particularly wheat flour test. It is the necessary quality testing instrument in grain stores, domain, bread flour processing, food processing and so on.


Falling Number System/Falling Number Tester technical parameters :

Stirring rod weight: 250.05g

Water bath barrel heating pipe: 600W

Viscosity tube: inside diameter: 200.02mm

                Outside diameter: 23.80.25mm

               Inside height 2200.3mm

Repeatability: difference of the two testing results does not over 10% of average value

Size: 420*340*350MM

Weight: 25KG

Power: AC220V, 50HZ

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