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Whiteness Analyser

Product           Model:WSB-V

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:The meter will not give out heat. Can starting up in 24 hours continuous.

About Products

Whiteness Analyzer is used to test whiteness of objects. It applies to the department of flour, starch, ground rice, salt, tactile, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, plastic, porcelain, clay, talcum powder, white cement, paint, ceramic,  enamel, paper, pulp and so on. It has two types, one is with printing function and the other is without printing function.


Microcomputer control, LCD displayer, touch key, delicate appearance

Energy-saving and environment-protecting

Automatic calibration, stable and reliable

Technical parameters:
Diffuse illumination and vertical sounding method(d/o), simulation D65 illuminant use d/o illuminating viewing and geometrical condition. Globe of diffusion diameter is 120.Measuring whole diameter is 20 mm. Have light absorber, can eliminate reflected ray of sample mirror surface.
Repeatability: °‹0.1
Indicating value drift: °‹0.1
Zero point drift: °‹0.1

Indicating value error: °‹0.5

Output mode: three and a half digital display, built-in printer (according to customers°Į needs can be with printing function or not)

Working environment: temperature 0-40°„C; relative humidity <80%RH

Power: AC (220+22) V 50HZ

Shape size/weight: 220*295*375mm/10kg