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Pesticide Residue Meter

Product           Model:NY-8DA

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:Suitable for testing onion, garlic, ginger, fragrant-flowered garlic, carrot, tomato, etc

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Testing pesticide residue in onion, garlic, ginger, fragrant-flowered garlic, carrot tomato, etc.

Color reaction under room temperature condition, fast testing speed

Plastic shell, streamline appearance, 6 inch color LCD displayer, easy to operate.

High sensitivity to methamidophos, dichlorvos and so on

Adopt ARM9 inserting controlling system, with the function of saving, collecting, processing, analyzing

RS-232 connector can single use and can also connect with computer to deal with datum

Enzyme reagent has excellent thermal, stability, convenient for transportation and storage in hot seasons


Technical parameter:

The test items, detection limit, detection range:

test items
detection limit
detection range
pesticide residue
( inhibition ratio)

Transmittance accuracy: ܡ1.5%
Transmittance repeatability: 0.5%
Linear error: 5%
Mode of display: LCD
Interface: network
Working environment: temperature: 0~40, humidity: 35~85%
Power adaptor: 220V to 12V/3A
Size: 38cm * 30cm* 17cm (L*W*H)