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sieving apparatus/sieve shaker

Product           Model:DSX

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:Sieving apparatus will separate automatically. Sieve shaker is widely used in the grain, fuel oils screening test. For ample in different sieve, it will separate automatically. Calculate powder granularity according to residue on the sieve. The machine structure is compact and reasonable, good operation, stable performance, and easy to operate.

About sieving apparatus/sieve shaker

Name: sieving apparatus/sieve shaker

Model: DSX


Separate automatically

Compact and reasonable structure

Smooth operation, stable performance, easy to operate


sieving apparatus/sieve shaker technical parameters:

Max sieving quantity range: 500g

Sieving frame level: 3 layers

Sieving range: 100mm

Rotation speed: 1155r/min

Sieve diameter: 220mm (grain sieve should buy separately)

Power: 60W AC220V 50Hz

Weight: 12kg


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